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Flutter App Development Services ​

Your digital product idea should never get restricted to mobile phones. Our Flutter app developers will help you build platform-independent digital experiences.

Flutter App Ideation & Consulting​

Flutter app development has come a long way since its inception both in terms of framework maturity and use cases. We are a flutter app development agency that can help you validate your Flutter app idea and help you ensure that the framework is the best technical solution for your product idea.

Flutter App Development

Our Flutter mobile app development services are devised to help you create a multi-platform existence. Right from finding the best product-market fit to seamlessly deploying your application across a number of platforms, our flutter developer can help you design, develop, test, and launch full-fledged Flutter apps.

Flutter App Migration

We help you migrate your Android and iOS app development using Flutter. Our team of Flutter Android app development and deployment experts specializes in taking your existing application across platforms and operating systems. We are the Flutter app development company that the world trusts for making platform-agnostic applications.

Partner With Pylogix To Create Highly Scalable Apps Using Flutter

We understand the importance of having a visually unique brand image that is an extension of your business. Every iOS, Android, and web app that we create with our Flutter developer is a spitting image of the brand that it represents. We are a flutter app development company that ensures that all the Material Design & Cupertino components we use in your apps are highly customizable to give your users a Native replica application on every platform they use.
What results from this combination of feature-rich Flutter SDK and the aesthetically rich design component is an app that is powered by an expressive, flexible UI and robust architecture.
That is why, Pylogix is considered the most reliable and impeccable company for flutter app development in USA, Asia, and European Regions. Our flutter developer team has expertise in building world class apps, we have developed a number of applications that have created new milestones.

Flutter App Development Benefits Go Beyond Cost-Effectiveness

Our Flutter iOS app development services are built on the best of the framework’s offerings which extend beyond cost benefits. We use the SDK’s native end-user experience, expressiveness, flexible UI, and lightning-fast load speed of 60 FPS to ensure that your application becomes the symbol of cross-platform excellence.

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Pylogix work has been professional and impactful. They remained prompt throughout the project and continued to provide marketing services till after the app launch. They took the time to understand our startup idea and then deliver quality results to propel them in a new direction.
Stephen Ceresia
iOS and Android App for Real estate
Highly recommend Pylogix to any new startup companies looking to get a mobile application or website developed. Working from conceptualization, final designs and finally to development was a fluid and easy process. Thank you to the 10+ designers and developers who each had a hand in making this application a success.
Billy Lan
Project TimeKeeper

FAQs About Flutter App Development

Most frequent questions and answers

To begin, Flutter must be installed as a library or module. That module is in charge of reflecting the application’s user interface. The Flutter create-t module command can be used to create a module. This will start a new project with a somewhat different structure. You may divide the main code from the Flutter code by creating a module in this manner. This module is a third-party dependency.


It’s sometimes not practical to rewrite your entire application in Flutter all at once. For those situations, Flutter can be integrated into your existing application piecemeal, as a library or module. That module can then be imported into your Android or iOS (currently supported platforms) app to render a part of your app’s UI in Flutter.


Flutter is a fantastic mobile and web development tool. Flutter is extremely compatible with today’s web content, which is created using standards-based online technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You may compile current flutter code into a client experience that can be quickly embedded in a browser and deployed to any web server with Flutter web support.


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Fitness/body measurements recording

The app designed and developed to record the body measurements for the ones who are active ans take their health very seriously. Along with recording every aspect of the body it doubles up as a platform for social networking to the users.Body Measurements, Social Networking, PHP, Laravel, Flutter

On Demand Service Provider App

This App is a one stop destination for all urban lifestyle services. It helps to search local professionals related to Home, Automation, Beauty, Tech, Heavy Duty, Marine, Financial and much more. Trade finder is a one-of-a-kind service-based app that let people avail daily essential services as per their convenience.Flutter App, Hybrid development, Trades, Classifieds

e Booking App for Online Consultation with Doctors and for Cosmetic Surgery

Connect the patient with the Hospital/Clinic directly so that he can get his appointment booked online. This app also allows the patients/customers to share their reviews about the services they got from the Doctor/Beautician from this app. There's a forum section in this app which allows the users to connect to other users to discuss on a topic internally where the moderator/hospital/shop/beautician can also reply.Flutter App, Hybrid App, Doctor Appointment App

Online Exams Application for Doctorate Students

This app was build for the examination of Doctors online. The feature included the camera testing for front/rear looks, exam time and the limitation where the candidate's exam video will be recorded and uploaded at the decided finished hours. Students will be able to find their upcoming exams.Video Streaming & Recording, Education Sharing, Online Exams

Live Streaming Application

Its an popular LIVE video streaming application, it includes features like Group video chat, video call with Multi-guest Room, LIVE streaming, PK section where they can send, LIVE Streaming, Video Chat, Gifts & Rewards

Freelancer kind app for Security Guards

This is a innovative & revolutionary event security company in Canada and is regularly responsible for security services, events at condominiums, Colleges/Universities and more.Security Service Management

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