Pylogix Outfit Registry App

The application is about deciding themes for your parties.The application helps you to find various parties around you and also helps you to choose from various options. People get free invites and can enjoy the best.

Register an event
  • ou can name an event based on the occasion or party
  • There are various types for defining any event
  • The user can keep the event details password protected for security purposes
  • The user needs to set the month and year of the event
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Save your event
  • The application helps the user to save the outfit considering brand and color
  • The user can add notes for the people adding images in the event
  • The user can add an outfit in the event by adding an image from the gallery or clicking picture
  • The user needs to add their email address and contact details
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Share link with Guest
  • These links are available for the event participants to share the event details with other users
  • These links will help users to participate in the events and save their favorite outfits based on the attire of the event decided
Get Warning for duplicates
  • Since there are multiple users to these events the application helps you check there is no duplication of the outfits
  • The users can replace the outfit already saved for the event
  • These are saved in admin and can be listed to the management
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