Pylogix helped Simmons Bedding go direct-to-consumer on Shopify Plus, enabling their customers to catch some Zzz’s with ease.


  • Shopify Plus E-commerce
  • Shopify Plus Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • ERP Integrations

The ask

For over 150 years, Simmons Bedding has been a top player in the mattress industry. Known for their unwavering commitment to American-made quality and innovation, the brand has always been dedicated to selling through retailers. However, in order to expand their reach and optimize sales, Serta Simmons Bedding approached Pylogix for a new e-commerce solution. They required a user-friendly platform that could seamlessly integrate with their legacy ERP system, while also being fast to market and designed to maximize conversions.

Tech partners

  • Shopify Plus
  • Heroku
  • Yotpo
  • Blueshift

The solution

At Pylogix, we partnered closely with the Simmons team to provide top-notch eCommerce strategy and technology planning. Our focus was on ERP integration, SaaS discovery, and user experience.


After careful consideration, we determined that Shopify Plus would be the ideal eCommerce platform to bring the brand direct-to-consumer without the need for a complex and cumbersome enterprise commerce solution.


Our team of experts assisted Simmons in mapping out customer journeys, seamlessly integrating SaaS products like Blueshift, OneTrust, and Yotpo, and crafting an outstanding user experience on Shopify Plus.


Furthermore, Pylogix developed a tailor-made middleware solution to connect their legacy ERP system OHM to the new Shopify Plus backend. Our solution engineers collaborated closely with Simmons’s IT team to build, implement, and maintain their ERP integrations, delivering a seamless eCommerce experience to customers.

Technology Solutions


One of the significant hurdles we faced during this project was linking the merchant’s enterprise-level ERP to Shopify Plus for streamlined order processing at Pylogix. Our primary concern was ensuring that orders flowed seamlessly through Simmon’s existing legacy ERP system, which is used by all their brands, with no disruption or changes to order processing.

To achieve this, the merchant’s team used an iPaaS called Cleo to set up the connection on their website, while we at Pylogix mapped out the JSON fields. We also developed a custom middleware that operates on Heroku.

Our team leveraged the Shopify Notifications API to enable quick and seamless communication between the ERP system and Shopify Plus, ensuring that all data was up-to-date and accurate. We also expertly mapped out the JSON fields to allow for smooth and efficient data flow between systems.

Finally, we developed a Heroku middleware solution that efficiently integrated the ERP system with Shopify Plus. This enabled us to create a smooth and hassle-free eCommerce experience for Simmons and their customers.


Shopify Notifications API

Mapping JSON fields

Heroku Middleware

ERP Integration with Shopify Plus


Pylogix’s UX designers and eCommerce strategists collaborated to create a seamless customer journey, resulting in an intuitive and engaging shopping experience.

Informative PDPs

At Pylogix, we prioritize creating informative Product Detail Pages (PDPs) that provide valuable information to customers, supporting their buying decisions and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Our focus is on optimizing PDPs to maximize conversions and drive sales.


To cater to the brand’s primary mobile audience, Pylogix adopted a mobile-first approach to designing the user experience. The focus was on lightning-fast page speeds and building the website on Shopify Plus platform to ensure a seamless shopping experience.