The first name in the water for over 5 decades. Shopify Plus user-experience design for the world’s biggest surfing brand.


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  • Conversion Rate Optimization

The ask

O’Neill is a Californian surf wear and surfboard brand started in 1952 by Jack O’Neill. The brand has been the leader in surf wear for over 5 decades. Their e-commerce experience was built on Shopify Plus but required an overhaul of the creative and user-experience. O’neill enlisted Pylogix to oversee the user-experience and design of the new Shopify Plus website.

Tech partners

  • Shopify Plus
  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Shogun

The solution

Pylogix needed to dive deep into the history and legacy of the O’Neill brand. Beyond providing a seamless customer experience, we needed to ensure the creative aligned with the brand and their history.

Clean and minimal design with focus on imagery and content exploration, the aesthetics are contemporary while staying true to the brand’s guidelines.

We took a mobile-first approach and created a modular design system. This allowed the brand to take complete control over the presentation of content, while keeping the design consistent and engaging.

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Increase in AOV
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UI Components & Design System

Modular Design

We created a modular design system for various call-to-actions, imagery, product grids, and promotional content types.


Intuitive navigation for easy access to O’neill’s vast catalog of collections and products.

Conversion Optimized PDP

The product pages are optimized for conversions, with a fixed sidebar, high quality photos, AfterPay financing options, and product recommendations.

Average Order Value

To help increase AOV, the mini-cart displays incentives to reach a minimum order value for free shipping.


Advanced filtering options that allow customers to explore and find the products they’re looking for.