Pylogix Launching a new Shopify Plus eCommerce experience for Katy Perry’s Apéritif Brand, De Soi


  • Shopify Plus Development
  • Creative Direction
  • UX/UI Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Integration

The ask

Founded by pop star Katy Perry and entrepreneur Morgan McLachlan, De Soi was created to sell sparkling non-alcoholic apéritifs. An apéritif can be described as a drink made to sip before a meal to stimulate one’s appetite, originating in France in the late 1800s. The businesswomen set out to provide customers with a drink that produces soothing qualities without having alcohol and tons of sugar.

After creating the product, the brand needed a digital storefront to sell the product and build a loyal brand following. Pylogix was approached by the team at AMASS to build and launch a beautiful and efficient eCommerce experience. We needed to present a compelling site design that would reel customers in, while also thoroughly explaining this unique product’s value proposition.

Tech partners

  • Shopify Plus
  • Klaviyo
  • Grin
  • Okendo
  • ReCharge
  • Gorgias
  • Route

The solution

We began with our discovery phase to help our team align with De Soi’s goals and requirements for the project. From there, our team created the site architecture, design direction, and a complete road map for taking the brand to launch. The UX/UI design had to be as unique as the branding and packaging. Our design team borrowed elements from the bottle’s designs and the beautiful photography to incorporate brand elements and create an immersive DTC brand experience.

In order to stay on schedule, our developers began working in sprints midway through the design process. The email marketing team also started brainstorming and composing flows to optimize the post-purchase experience and highlight the products. After integrating content and working on some final touches, the site launched, and orders immediately began flowing in.


Since Katy Perry is such a huge star and hard worker, she always has many projects going on at once. Thanks to the flexibility and ingenuity of our project managers and eCommerce strategists, we were able to work with her team to manuever around her busy schedule, effeciently get the designs approved, and stay on target for the launch date,

Intriguing Elements

To keep the user experience fun and fresh, we implemented hover animations in the menu and collection pages. The advanced mega menu displays both the cans and bottles for each product, and the collection pages show off the funky shapes and colors of the brand.

Creative Email Marketing

Inspired by the website’s creative and the passion of the client, our email team brought best practices and the De Soi brand of unique colors, shapes, and text styling to life with flows and email templates. We ensured the elements of each email were educational while also reeling the reader in to become a repeat and loyal customer.

Compelling & Descriptive Pages

Since apéritif is not a common word in most households, we had to focus on providing a sufficient amount of information about the drinks while also creating an incentive to purchase. One way to achieve this was to create the “Botanical Glossary” page that lists ingredients from A to Z and links the products that use each ingredient.