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Home Case Studies Pylogix Boosts Online Sales: A Case Study on eCommerce, UX Design & Conversion Rate Optimization Solutions for Sea to Summit


Pylogix Boosts Online Sales: A Case Study on eCommerce, UX Design & Conversion Rate Optimization Solutions for Sea to Summit


  • E-commerce Audit & Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Site Architecture & User Flows
  • UX/UI Design
  • Shopify Plus Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

The ask

Sea to Summit’s passion and talent for creating cutting-edge outdoor equipment quickly propelled the brand from its founders’ childhood bedrooms into the hands of customers worldwide. As the brand’s catalog grew over the years, Sea to Summit recognized the need for a digital experience that would elevate its identity, reflect the details and craft the team puts into its products, serve as a digital home for its brand community, and seamlessly showcase its legacy content to shoppers.


During rapid growth stages, it’s common for high-growth brands to focus on their offerings and lose sight of their core brand. That’s where Pylogix comes in – as a clear-sighted agency, we specialize in creating digital shopping experiences that amplify brand identity wherever your customers are.

Tech partners

  • Jotform
  • Product Filter & Search
  • Elevar
  • Yotpo
  • Klavyio
  • Dynamic Yield
  • Returnly

The solution

Sea to Summit approaches life with directness, candor, and integrity, focusing on building products and relationships that stand the test of time. At Pylogix, we share this same philosophy and align our agency mission with that of our clients. This shared vision provided us with a clear understanding of the desired end product when we kicked off our partnership with Sea to Summit.


Our team of experts completely reimagined Sea to Summit’s Shopify Plus storefront, transforming it into a hub for the brand’s content and shared passion for the outdoors. We implemented cohesive creative direction and UX principles to narrate the brand’s story across multiple touchpoints, resulting in a digital experience that is both functional and formative.

Grounded by the Roots: Pylogix’s Effective Brand Strategy for Sea to Summit

Our foresighted approach to balancing passion and product truly came to life through our comprehensive brand strategy for the strategic redesign of Sea to Summit’s outdated Shopify Plus storefront. The project called for a complete overhaul of the existing system, with a focus on developing a functional, yet elevated, creative and aesthetic experience. Our team of designers, developers, and UX strategists at Pylogix aligned the content and branding strategies to create a centralized, on-brand digital experience that inspires, guides, and converts through storytelling.

Streamlined Navigation and Site Architecture: Pylogix’s Approach for Sea to Summit


When Sea to Summit approached Pylogix, they had a vast catalog of over 1000 SKUs, with key offerings that were lost and diluted. Pylogix’s UX strategists advised on a transformative navigation system that accounts for the entire consumer journey, from the first interaction with the brand to conversion. We hierarchized the site in a logical manner, mapped out the content to enable easy sitewide navigation by gear or activity, and injected the brand voice across every touchpoint to give context to the PLPs and PDPs.

Throughout the development process, it was crucial to avoid any disruptions to the live site and to recycle existing content on the new pages and sections without requiring a fresh content upload.

Meeting Tight Timelines with Care: Pylogix’s Project Management Approach for Sea to Summit


Pylogix was well aware of the tight timeline that Sea to Summit had to work with. With a focus on continuous learning and improvement, our project management team implemented new processes and frameworks to enhance communication and boost development velocity. By rolling out a detailed project plan and leveraging these new methodologies, we were able to redesign and launch the Sea to Summit store in record time. In fact, almost all post-launch pages and sections were ready on the MVP date. What’s more, the benefits of these new project management processes were felt across all other projects at Pylogix.

At Pylogix, Bridging the Gap Between Culture and Commerce


By building a digital experience that revolves around a community that shares a common interest – passion for the outdoors and longing for adventure – Pylogix helped Sea to Summit bridge the gap between culture and commerce. The strategic integration of the Pro Membership Program and an ambassador program on their site unlocked several digital brand and revenue-building opportunities, turning shoppers into brand loyalists. Additionally, Pylogix complemented the brand’s digital experience and boosted shoppers’ engagement by featuring a “Sleeping Bag Finder” Page on Sea to Summit’s new website, riding the trend of digital gamification.

Summit-high Relationship

The partnership between Sea to Summit and Pylogix was deeply collaborative and demanded a high level of commitment from both sides. The project managers worked closely together from the project kick-off to the go-live date, resulting in a successful outcome that exceeded expectations. This partnership has laid the groundwork for a long-lasting relationship and sets an example of what a successful agency-client relationship should look like. Pylogix will continue to support Sea to Summit’s growth on Managed Service and Growth-X CRO retainer.