Probably the most dire problem posed by the Inter-net land was the colossal canyon that emerged after the meteor collision. This deep fissure broke the huge expanse into two distinct areas, eternally often called the “SPCT-RIM,” symbolizing the nice divide.

AI generated Image for SPCT-RIM

The Engis launched into development efforts on each side of the SPCT-RIM, strategically dividing their males as wanted.

Nevertheless, the once-natural panorama of the land was now leveled. But, the underground cave techniques endured, offering a basis for his or her new endeavor—constructing subterranean cave settlements on either side.

AI generated Image for DeTa Cave below Internet

Due to the marvel of light-emitting magic, underground cities have been meticulously crafted on each side of the “SPCT-RIM.”

Intriguingly, either side employed distinct magical strategies, leading to various hues of illumination. This distinction allowed folks to decide on the colour of their choice, including a contact of personalization to their underground abodes.

AI generated Image for DeTa Cave below Internet

Whereas the enchanting magic unfolded beneath floor, a outstanding revelation occurred above. Engis laboring on the floor uncovered a change within the land’s silica brought on by the meteor impression. This newfound materials, when melted and molded, produced a novel glass able to shielding folks from the harshest of components.

This discovery marked the turning level for the Inter-Web, remodeling it into the Metropolis of Glass Domes, a marvel of magnificence. Every area’s distinctive magical mild imbued it with its true magnificence, rendering it a panoramic spectacle in each sense.

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With the radiant yellow and white mild on the appropriate aspect and the colourful neon glow on the left, the Metropolis of Glass Domes within the Inter-Web turned a mesmerizing fusion of two distinct worlds, a testomony to the ingenuity of the Engis and the fantastic thing about their twin magic.

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“So, I hope you loved the story. Left or proper?” inquires the officer on the gate.

“I am asking you, sir. What’s your title?” officer persists.

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“Who, me? I am Geak, ma’am,” says the younger lad.

“Welcome to Inter-Web. Which aspect do you reside on, left or proper?” the officer on the gate inquires.

The younger lad, like every of us, was clueless. He checked out his little sister and realized they have been now one step nearer to HAPI-NS. Left or proper did not matter to them.

“Hey Lils, what’s your favourite coloration?” Geak sat down on his knees and requested his little sister.

She chuckles and factors, her tiny finger guiding Geak’s gaze in the direction of a selected hue, a easy but profound selection in a world the place colours held particular meanings…..

GeAk with her sister

To be Continued…….